How to Convert SWF to PNG on Windows/Mac OS

No matter where you want to play a SWF file, you will need to have Adobe Flash player or other SWF players installed. Many times, you may be required to send Flash SWF files to others, but due to the lack of Flash support, they can't view the SWF files properly. By converting SWF to a series of PNG images can help you solve the problem well. Cause on most computers or mobile devices like iPhone 4S, iPad, Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc can display images easily.

What's more, by converting SWF to PNG, you can publish SWF as images online to your own blogs, Facebook/Twitter account, etc for wider sharing. In this article, we'll show you how to convert SWF to a series of PNG images with Doremisoft SWF Converters: SWF Converter for Windows and SWF Converter for Mac. You can download one to follow us the step by step guide below.

How to Convert SWF to PNG Images

Note: The user guide here is written based on the Windows version of this SWF to PNG converter. The working procedure applies to the Mac version also.

Step1: Import SWF

Run this program on your computer. Click "Select File" or "Grab" button to import SWF. "Select File" enables you to import a local SWF file, "Grab" enables you to import an online SWF by inputting a destination URL.

load swf file

Step2: Crop or Add Watermark to the SWF (optional)

You can use the editing features of this SWF converter to crop the imported SWF or add image watermark to it.

crop swf file

Step3: Select PNG as the Output Profile

Click "Next" to set the output profile as PNG following these steps: In the drop-down list of "Profile" choose "Picture", then "Picture PNG". Meanwhile, you can adjust the output image's Frame Rate and Picture Size.

set png as output format

Step4: Start to Convert SWF to PNG

Press "Next", and then "Start" button to begin the conversion. The converted PNG images will be in the output path folder when the conversion finishes.

convert swf to png

More Information of this SWF to PNG Converter

Besides converting SWF to PNG, Doremisoft SWF Converter also supports generating JPG, BMP, or GIF images from SWF. Meanwhile, you can use it to convert SWF to almost all popular video/audio formats, like FLV, AVI, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MP3, AAC, etc.

Video Demo of How to Convert SWF to PNG

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