How to Convert MP4 Video to Flash

Do you want to embed MP4 files streaming using a Flash player? Do you want to share your MP4 videos online as Flash movie? More and more bloggers and website owners choose to publish all kinds of videos on the Internet as Flash, because Flash is the most web-friendly video format with relevantly smaller file size and faster loading speed.

In this guide, we will introduce you two MP4 to Flash Converters, one is for the Windows platform computer, and the other is for the Mac OS computer. They are named as Doremisoft Video to Flash Converter and Video to Flash Converter for Mac. Converting MP4 to Flash with customizable Flash players becomes quite easy with them.

Convert MP4 to Flash with Doremisoft Video to Flash Converter

Preparation works to do: download a free trial copy of Doremisoft MP4 to Flash converter according to the operating system you own. Double click to install and run it. This guide is written based on the Windows version. It applies to the Mac version as well.

Step1: Import MP4 Videos

On the main navigation bar, click "Add Video" button to import the MP4 videos you want to convert to Flash. You can select several MP4 videos from your local drive each time. Here is a screenshot after the MP4 files are imported

Step2: Edit the Imported MP4 Videos (Optional)

The powerful video editing features enables you to crop imported video to get rid of the unwanted area, get several segments by clipping, merge or slide the videos, add artistic effect, like Old Film, Gray, etc.

Step3: Customize the Output Flash

Click "Customize" button to select the output profile and adjust the Flash player settings. Choose "Generate SWF" as the output.

Step4: Start to Convert MP4 to Flash

Click Convert button begin the conversion of MP4 to Flash. The MP4 to Flash converter will finish the conversion automatically for you. You will be able to find the converted file in the output folder.

Here is an attach of the screenshot of Doremisoft Video to Flash Converter for Mac for your reference:

Video Demo of How to Convert MP4 to Flash

I need to embed one of my MP4 movies on my Blogger, and I buy this video to flash converter to convert MP4 to flash. Really excellent results! Please inform me if there is any updating. Thanks!- Reviewed by Daniel

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