Shoot London Olympic Games 2012 with iPhone 4

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games will be held in London from 27 July to 12 August 2012. We could expect 205 nations to take part in 300 events. Already got tickets to enjoy this great event in London and prepared to shoot spectacular Olympic matches with iPhone 4? If yes, below are some recording tips for your reference.

shoot Olympic matches

1. Specifications
The iPhone 4 is capable of shooting HD video. Two cameras are built into the iPhone, one on the front and one on the rear of the phone. The rear camera is capable of shooting in 720p HD at 30fps. It's a 5-megapixel camera with a resolution of 1280 by 720. The front camera is an SD, VGA camera with a resolution of 640 by 480. You can switch between the two cameras by tapping an icon on the screen.

2. Features
One technique is to utilize your resources and incorporate the format while recording. This applies when shooting with the iPhone 4. Its small size, portability and ability to rapidly switch between the two cameras offer something different from most video cameras. Small size and portability allow you to rapidly move in ways not possible with a larger camera. The dual cameras allow you to instantly switch between action and commentary. By making use of these features, you can add a special touch to your iPhone 4 video.

3. Planning
Plan your shots. If you are going to create a narrative piece, at the very least, determine which shots you need and sketch them prior to shooting. If you would like to go a step further, write a script, hire actors or friends and rehearse prior to shooting. Planning will allow you to shoot your video in fewer takes, and save time and effort when editing.

4. Lighting
Lighting is a key factor when recording video. Avoid shooting in places that are extremely dark or bright. The iPhone 4 can compensate for varying light levels, but not extremes. Although the iPhone has a built-in LED light, it can often produce garish effects. Keep in mind that backlight silhouette your subject, while side lighting offers a faint glow.

5. Movement
The iPhone 4 has the ability to capture movement. However, since the camera application does not allow you to alter the frame rate or shutter speed, quickly moving images may not translate well to the final product. You may have to slow down the action or shoot from a longer distance, so that movement is not blurred on your video.

6. Sharing
Upload and share your Olympic videos on website. I recommend you first convert HD videos to SWF for its small size and faster loading speed. Doremisoft Video to Flash Converter for Mac is a handy tool for converting HD videos for Flash SWF on Mac OS. This software also develops Windows version to meet different user experiences – Video to Flash Converter for Win.

In all, by incorporating a few shooting tips, you can shoot exciting Olympic Games Video on your iPhone 4 and easily share it with families, friends and more audiences on the Web.