How to Import Adobe Flash SWF Files to iMovie for Editing

iMovie is a video editing software that allows Apple Macintosh users to create movies from a number of different sources including digital video cameras, DV-encoded files, and pictures. If you own an iPhone, iPod, or Apple TV you can use iMovie to save your movies in formats for use on these devices with the help of iTunes.

Key New Feature of iMovie ‘11
On October 20, 2010, the iMovie ’11 was released as part of the iLife ’11 package. 5 awesome new features are integrated in it.
-    Timeline
This feature is not evident by default. You can get it by selecting a project, clicking the swap and then rows button. It makes longer video productions easier to manage and edit.

-    Audio Features
You can adjust audio levels right on the clip without having to open a separate editor panel. Also, apple brought back audio effects and an equalizer, so you can apply voice and other enhancements to audio.

-    Movie Trailers & Themes
The movie trailer feature allows you to select clips from a project to create a really professional looking trailer. While it’s a template-based tool, allowing for very little customization, it’s a great way to share parts of your movie in a fast-paced shot clip.

-    People Detection
It tracks and tags clips of how many faces are detected in clips, and the distance they are from the camera. It will take some time for iMovie to analyze clips for this detection, so be prepared to take a coffee break while you wait.

-    Sharing
Add quick options to share iMovie projects. In addition to YouTube, you can directly upload projects to, CNN iReport, and Facebook.

How to Import Adobe Flash SWF Files to iMovie for Editing
iMovie supported video formats include: DV, DV Widescreen, HDV 1080i (25 and 30 fps), HDV 720p (25 and 30 fps), MPEG 4 Simple Profile, and iSight. As you see, SWF is not a file format that can directly be imported to iMovie. To import Flash SWF to iMovie for editing, we need to convert the Flash SWF file to one of the formats above first. To do this, you can use this tool – Doremisoft SWF Converter for Mac.

It enables you to convert SWF to MPEG4 and DV video without frame loss in simply three steps: import SWF -> choose output profile -> start to convert. When the conversion is finished, you can easily import the Flash SWF file to iMovie for advanced editing. Try yourself now, convert SWF to iMovie and edit SWF in iMovie.


Really a nice tool to convert flash .swf files to iMovie compatible video formats. Now I can edit my flash movies with iMoive freely. Thanks and voted up!- Reviewed by Kevin

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