How to Download Embedded SWF Files by Firefox

SWF is an Adobe Flash file format which is widely used for streaming flash videos online. Have you ever encountered any amazing SWF movies within webpage? Do you want to download them to your own computer? In this guide, you will see how to download embedded SWF files with Firefox Page Info functionality.

Here we take this page as example to show you how to download the embedded SWF file in it step by step.

Step1: Have Mozilla Firefox web browser installed on your computer.

Step2: Open up Firefox and navigate to the webpage that contains the embedded Flash SWF file you want to download

Step3: Right click on any empty space on the page and select “Page Info” option. In the coming dialogue box, select “Media” tab on the menu

Step4: Scroll down the list and select the .swf file from the list. It should be listed as an embedded type

Step5: Once it has been selected, click the “Save As” button to download the SWF file to your computer

It’s all that easy. After downloaded the embedded SWF, you can play it with Flash players on your pc. PS: You can also download any online SWF movies with Doremisoft SWF Converter. Besides downloading SWF, this program supports converting SWF to a wide range of video formats as well.

Hi, a great job on this article. I have followed the steps to download flash .swf files with firefox. Really easy to do!- Reviewed by Marico

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